Towards a Co-Existence with Artificial General Intelligence

Friday 28 October // 13:30 // Drawing Studio

This article is an attempt to explore the plausible dynamics of a potential co-existence with entities commonly referred to as AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). The discourse integrates elements of historical and scientific data, empirical knowledge, personal insights, as well as purely speculative perspectives. Recognizing the complex and uncertain evolution of artificial intelligence, the article does not assert a comprehensive or unequivocal narrative. Instead, it aims to outline a prospective pathway, encouraging a contemplation of the current situation and proposing preparatory measures humanity might adopt in anticipation of this potential future. Drawing analogies with other irreversible global developments, such as for example climate change, the essay underscores the imperative of early comprehension and adaptation. It scrutinizes the possible fundamental shifts that artificial intelligence, particularly AGI, might initiate, and outlines a speculative scenario for a potential symbiotic relationship between humans and electronic life-forms. The paper concludes with a series of thoughts and suggestions that aspire to chart a promising route for human evolution, serving as a source of optimism and constructive foresight. It emphasizes that inherent human capacities — including learning, creativity, sensory perception, social connectivity, collaborative consumption, and empathy — will remain vital components, distinguishing humans from AGI. In summary, the article serves as a thought-provoking canvas, urging readers to engage in introspection and preparation for a transformative future where the interplay between technology and society will define novel paradigms of existence.