The Use Of Artificial Intelligence Image Models In Election And Propaganda Processes As A Disinformation Problem In Algorithmic Societies

Friday 28 October // 13:30 // Auditorium

Technological developments, having profoundly affected all forms and areas of life at every stage of history, today cause radical transformations in human life in global, social and even individual terms thanks to algorithmic systems with artificial intelligence technologies. Algorithmic systems, working in integration with the dynamics of the social structure, appear as a new type of society model. This new structure, which we can define as algorithmic society, is one of the areas where algorithms are actively used and have the potential to directly affect all social or individual mechanisms. Having a deep-rooted history dating back to antiquity, propaganda, which has come of age especially in the 20th century, can generally be defined as a tool shaped in line with political actions in order to establish the authority of the ruling power and to provide and maintain the desired orientation on the ruled society or groups. Throughout history, all kinds of governments have used especially communication tools as propaganda instruments in order to sustain their existence, to use the world’s resources in line with their own needs, to make the masses obey their system, to instill their ideology into society, to reproduce the dominant discourse using various ways and tactics, and to manipulate the masses in a biased and purposeful manner when necessary. Among the most powerful of these instruments are undoubtedly visual communication tools. In the globalizing world, especially with artificial intelligence technologies, big data and algorithms becoming available as political propaganda tools, all kinds of content produced with the support of visual and literary fiction can easily create a new universe of truth on the masses by increasing the capacity of the government to produce manipulation. Moreover, in the algorithmic society where social media is consumed rapidly, individuals can shape their political preferences in this manipulative universe supported by artificial intelligence through this new reality served to them. In this context, this study examines the propaganda activities produced and used by the governments with artificial intelligence, big data and algorithms during the election and propaganda periods of algorithmic societies and circulated through mass media through the visuals produced during these periods. In this respect, the question of the study is; “How do static and moving image models produced with artificial intelligence and algorithms within the framework of election and propaganda activities shape voter perception?“. In the purposefully determined sample; The meanings created by the propaganda visuals used in the US Federal Election Commission 2024 Elections, May 14th, 2023 Turkey General Elections periods were examined in detail with the semiotic analysis method through the designs. Within the scope of the study, the accuracy of the visuals produced with AI support was then determined. The study also evaluated these technologies in terms of ethics and privacy, and an in-depth interview was conducted with an expert in the field to prevent the subject from remaining speculative. Although the study is thought to be revealed the benefits and harms of the artificial agenda created with artificial intelligence, it will contribute both to the creation of public awareness and to the literature in terms of enabling users to read disinformative and manipulative information correctly in election processes.