Innovation through design and AI: a use case from the industry

Friday 28 October // 10:30 // Auditorium

How can design help in evolving a company culture and offering through data and AI? Could it be the key factor to bring innovation that is respectful of and tuned with the human needs and, ultimately, the value of labour? In this era of “disruption” claims, usually driven by the pursue of efficiency and competitiveness, it is urgent to find practices, ideas and words to foster a cohabitation of humans and technology. During our talk we will show our approach that combines AI and design for business innovation and company culture transformation. We applied it in a cross-team internal project that involved two teams, Digital Product Design (DPD) and Deep Learning & Big Data Department (DL&BD), both part of Alkemy, an Italian digital transformation agency. During the project we followed the design practices and principles to understand the specific needs of the people working in Alkemy, and shaped concrete ideas and solutions through the lenses and capabilities of AI, with the goal of bringing sustainable and meaningful innovation. During this talk we will provide information about context, motivation and the design-based approach we followed. We will reflect on how the solutions proposed differ from the ones we would have had if we directly applied AI without design.