Beyond Tool Horizon: AI in Design

Saturday 29 October // 10:00 // Drawing Studio

In the rapidly changing world of design, we often reach the »Tool Horizon«, the point at which existing tools limit our creative ambitions. But as the mantra goes: »Good Designers build their own tools.« The dynamics of contemporary design require constant transformation.

To stay at the forefront of this ever-changing environment, designers are called upon not only for creativity but also adaptability.

A crucial aspect of this adaptability is the ability to identify necessary tools and, if they do not exist, to create them. Revolutionary breakthroughs in design history often went hand in hand with innovations in tools and methods. In an era where sustainability and social responsibility are becoming increasingly prominent, designers must look beyond the traditional toolbox.

The integration of AI into the design process enables such innovative tool inventions. By building their own tailored tools, designers can address today’s challenges more directly and efficiently, which would often be unattainable using conventional means. This considerably expands the »Tool Horizon«.

The »Build-Your-Own-Tool« philosophy not only democratizes design but also redefines the role of the designer in an increasingly complex world. As AI democratizes design, ethical considerations must be at the forefront. The balance between innovation and responsibility is vital. Through the democratization of design in this new age, designers, supported by individual tools, have the freedom to continuously develop innovative and visionary solutions.