Artist Talk

Friday 28 October // 12:00 // Auditorium

This Design Project deals with whether Artificial Intelligence is sexist and which challenges and responsibilities arise from the use of AI. The possibilities of AI are impressive and seem to be limitless. Especially in the field of image processing, new ways are opening up to make the invisible visible and to explain complex relationships. But the new possibilities are also accompanied by new ethical challenges. The rapid development and advancement of AI systems harbors risks and requires critical questioning of the technology.

Designers need to think more about the consequences of their work than before if they want to integrate AI Tools. The claim must be to understand the technology as much as possible and to be aware of which data sets AI is trained on in order to not unintentionally expose people to discrimination, surveillance and manipulation. The talk will deal with this issue, as-well with the issue of Sexism, Racism and Violence which is portrayed in some images extracted out of the movie. Trigger Warning

This Film is a visualization of the Bias that is happening in the AI Model Stable Diffusion 1.4. The Human Models describe themselves in a neutral way, sitting in a neutral environment. The self-description is used as the prompts which create the AI Video editing in exactly the speaking time of the models. This creates a better understanding and breaks the barrier to people who are not mainly work with AI.